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This is my personal favorite from shooting my sister's senior pictures over the summer. She is a cute girl, but this shot was like whoa. She looked 10 pounds thinner and 10 years sexier! Jail bait, this one.

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Just trying this out...

In the spirit of self portrait, and trying to figure this posting pictures thing out, here's my dd's self portrait. :D

Spooky fog

I had to dig into the archives for this but at least I remembered one fairly spooky photo I took.

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July photos from me

Poking my head out of hiding a bit :)

A rainy day hike....

Crappy and unusual weather for July....but I suppose all this rain is what makes Vancouver so lush...


an oldie but goody...though the upload quality wasn't good it was a scanned photo from before we had a digital camera:

tide pool